OLX rigorously protects its intellectual property,

notably the source code and domains that are at the heart of its global brand. This involves defending the assets across more than 50 countries.

We have a very active and successful team of IP experts (Naspers IP team and the domain office in Naspers) to monitor and act against any IP infringements.

For sharing of open source code, our developers are being trained by our Naspers head of IP and OLX general counsel to ensure that minimum standards are followed for sharing open source code and to ensure that we do not provide our proprietary code to the open source community. We encourage responsible open source code sharing, under licence, to ensure that our developers are engaged with the outside developer world. This increases our profile as a group among tech talent as an attractive place to work.

Across the group we protect our brand, domains and trademarks aggressively and we have seen great success in our efforts to reduce infringement.

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Protecting valuable assets

PayU focuses on protecting its valuable assets, notably its local payment platforms and data.

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