Media24 aligns its strategic corporate social investment (CSI)

with core business interests to enhance stakeholder relations and build its profile as a good corporate citizen.

Training tomorrow’s journalists

Through its flagship CSI programme, WeCan24, Media24 equips young people with digital journalism skills. Young people learn how to use digital technologies to research and produce news and information. During the year, nearly 2 000 young people were trained at 350 schools and more than 2 000 articles were published on the WeCan24 platform. Going forward, the WeCan24 platform and programme will have a stronger digital focus. Face-to-face training is being converted into a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that will enable young people everywhere to access the material at any time. They will be able to learn writing and research skills via an accredited digital journalism course. The plan is for the programme to be self-sustaining by becoming a training conduit for partners who pay to use the platform.

Working with governments

Media24 is working on two strategic agreements with governments. A partnership with the Gauteng provincial government will provide training opportunities in digital, communication and entrepreneurship to unemployed youth via the Tshepo One Million programme. A partnership with the Western Cape government’s Premier’s Advancement of Youth (PAY) programme has enabled Media24 to include internships for youth with its enterprise development partner, Mikateko Media.

Group of people

On the Dot and Netwerk24

6 months. 32 engineers. 30 stakeholders. 113 standups. 689 tasks logged. 7 232 cups of coffee.

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