On the Dot

In South Africa we have a tradition of volunteering ‘67 minutes for Madiba’ on Mandela Day, honouring the life and work of the late President Nelson Mandela. Rika Swart, general manager of On the Dot, Media24’s distribution business, challenged her team to do 67 good deeds for Madiba by the end of July.

Despite working to tight schedules and deadlines, with the constant pressure to do more with less, the team embraced the challenge bravely, pulling on their overalls to repaint schools, feed the hungry through soup kitchens, care for the elderly and many other initiatives. By the end of July, the team had volunteered for 72 separate initiatives. They made a difference, and inspired themselves and the rest of Media24. But the story doesn’t end there. Their heart and courage carried the team through tough times a few months later: they went through a restructuring process that affected the whole middle management team. And yet, their engagement scores have never been higher.


6 months.
32 engineers.
30 stakeholders.
113 standups.
689 tasks logged.
7,232 cups of coffee.

This is what it took to integrate Media24’s digital lifestyle properties into Netwerk24, the subscriberbased home of Afrikaans content. Designing one home that would feel right for each of the brands, and which their audiences would want to pay for, was no mean feat. The small team ran six key projects in six months – app content integration, site designs and rebuilding, print content, paywall enhancement, emagazines, and rebranding. Through innovation, creativity and exceptional collaboration, the team achieved what had seemed like an impossible task. Subscriber numbers are up significantly and the team is applying the lessons they learnt along the way to their next project.

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