Any media company knows machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are integral to its tech and product suite.

Media24 embraced this by launching apps based on ML and AI in FY18. Our aggregator and personalised app suite now include News24 Edge, a personalised version of flagship online title News24, as well as soccer aggregator Daily Kick, general news aggregator Sliced and Nigerian news aggregator Bounce. Spree, our efashion business, also piloted an AI-powered visual image search functionality on its app whereby shoppers can upload pictures of clothing they like and then view similar items for sale on Spree. It was the first of its kind for efashion in Africa. News24 Edge was named the top mobile news service by the World Publishing Expo and the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers, while Spree won the prestigious African Customer Experience Innovator Award for its image search functionality.

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Protecting intellectual property

OLX rigorously protects its intellectual property, notably the source code and domains that are at the heart of its global brand.

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