MultiChoice City, based in South Africa

and home to our video-entertainment segment, is 5-star Green Star-rated, a rating received from the Green Building Council of South Africa. The building offers a grey water reticulation system and heating and cooling systems and processes to trap and disperse natural light.

This 5-star rating was achieved by following the Green Building Council’s matrix, with key points scored for:

  • Management – building tuning, environmental management and waste management.
  • Indoor environment quality – ventilation rates, air-change effectiveness and volatile organic compounds.
  • Energy – greenhouse gas emissions, energy sub-metering, lighting power density, lighting zoning and peak energy-demand reduction.
  • Water – occupant amenity water, water meters, landscape irrigation and heat-rejection water.
  • Materials – use of environmentally friendly material.

Points were also scored for transport, land use and ecology, emissions and innovations.

Group of people

Developing leadership and gender diversity

Across the video-entertainment segment, we have a number of established programmes to develop leadership abilities and competencies at all levels of seniority.

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