We think global and support local teams.
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We believe great ideas can change the world...

addressing big societal needs, bringing people closer together, improving their lives, making them more enjoyable and enriching. We believe the best ideas often start locally, with savvy entrepreneurs meeting the needs of the people and communities they understand best. And when we see those same needs elsewhere, with our backing and their ambition, they can become global game changers.

When we invest in entrepreneurs and their businesses, it’s a partnership. We bring resources, scale, experience, and expertise, and they bring their insight, ideas, passion, and ambition. Together, we work hard to take their company as far as it can go.

Bob van Dijk


of people globally use products and services that Naspers has built, acquired or invested in

"We have a unique philosophy of backing local teams. Our companies know their customers best and they are best placed to make the right decisions for them. But we have global scale, which allows us to see patterns everywhere and we can quickly jump in and help entrepreneurs when needed."

Bob van Dijk

Chief executive

We rigorously manage our assets and capital allocation for growth.
Group of people

We optimise our portfolio, and rigorously deploy our capital all in pursuit of growth.

Collectively, we manage our investments and operations across the world for value creation over time. The profits and cash generated by our businesses at scale fund both the development of companies we are building and the early investments we make in promising new ventures.

Where we spot opportunities to realise value from businesses we have helped to build, we crystallise that value when it makes sense to do so. Where we see opportunities to accelerate the rate of growth of existing businesses or gain exposure to exciting new prospects, we invest. Where we are not confident about the future returns of a business, or its path to success, we exit.

Basil Sgourdos

"Through our investment strategy we offer our entrepreneurs the support and commitment to remain focused on their products, customers and business, scale fast and seek out incremental opportunities. Our unique approach gives investors the opportunity to participate in some of the best available media and ecommerce opportunities in high-growth markets."

Basil Sgourdos

Chief financial officer

We understand the importance of making a positive impact on society.

We play a significant role in the world.

We invest in and operate companies in more than 120 markets and countries, with thousands of people building products and services used by hundreds of millions of consumers every day. As we go about our business, we take our responsibility to hold ourselves to the highest standards seriously.

We believe in balancing the needs of all our key stakeholders, including the entrepreneurs we partner with, the people we employ, the consumers and communities we serve, the governments we work with, our investors, and those who form important opinions about us.

The companies we build, the people we employ and the taxes we pay all create value, helping to build stronger economies in the countries we invest, work and live in.

Across the group we support a range of corporate social initiatives that make a real difference to the people and communities who benefit from them. Our governance structures, code of business ethics and conduct and various policies, provide the frameworks and guidance for our people to do the right thing.


dividends paid in taxes to governments


Corporate citizenship initiatives across the group benefit more than 600,000 people